Sunday, January 15, 2006

The final Monday

Today is the final Monday of the year. This means that this is the last class of English seminar 2 with Scott!!
This class was pretty hard for me but I experienced many things.
First of all, I interviewed a foreigner (who I didn't know) at the first time in a whole life! The man I interviewed was very kind and spoke to me very frankly. He was an African, and he made my image to African nicer than before.
Second, I made a big effort to make a presentation! So I was very happy to get a pretty good score from Scott!! It was a good opportunity to think deeply about people's identity.

It was a nice class for me.
Thank you Scott.


There are three common languages in Belgium. 60% of people speak Dutch, 40% speak French, and less than 1% speak German.
Can you imagine what it is like to live in such country?
Even though "the language borderline" is determined between French and Dutch spoken areas, there are some confusion that some people speak French in Dutch(Flemish) areas and vice versa. It is impossible to perfectly devide people from people with an artificial line.
These different language speakers often look down each other and it is difficult to say that they are perfectly cooperative but there are no apparent conflicts among people. So, to some extent, the language policy in Belgium is going successful and would be a good model for the cooporation between different ethnic groups.

Well, Belgium is an interesting country and I wish to visit there, especially I want to go and feel what it's like to be in a bilingual state, Brussels!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Today, I made a presentation about "Muslims in UK" with Mami, Marie and Tsubasa.
It was a fruitful experience to make a presentation that I could gain a lot of information about immigrants in UK and to recognize the way of presentation.
Since we chose our topic to consider the problem of their identity living in UK, it was very difficult to search information about people feelings. People feelings are very various so it was considerable for me to choose which information to use in the presentation.
For example, if there are an interview that a Muslim women says "I was bothered to live in this place.", can I say that "Muslim women are discriminated."?

And I am still wondering, if 2nd generations of immigrants are considering themselves as "a British" or "a nationality of origin of their parents".
If I was born and live long in America, but if my parents keep using Japanese and eating Japanese foods, who do I think I am? Since I have black hair and black eyes, I think everyone around me identify that I am a Japanese. But what would I think?
This is only my guess, but I think I would think myself as a Japanese. I think the influence from parents are very big for child, so if parents say they are Japanese, I would say I am a Japanese too.

What is identity?
Who determines the identity?

The answer is always vague.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


The other day, I watched the movie, "SUPERSIZE ME". Before watching, I thought it a crazy and stupid movie because I heard this movie as "a director's challenge to eat MacDonald's everyday for a month".
Well, if I asked to explain this movie, I would explain it in a same way (^^;) but this is not just crazy but a good movie to know the "obesity" which is a big social problem in America. There were many many surprising facts that I didn't know before watching!!

Well at last, director of this movie gain almost 10kgs!!!
To know more effects to his body, watch this movie.
If you are a regular customer of fastfood shops, I'll recommend you to watch this movie and think again whether to eat more or not.

Interview to non-Japanese

Last saturday, I went to Shibuya with my friends in order to interview non-Japanese people!
I was looking forward to do it but at the same time, really really nerveous. It was a first time to interview people on the street and also it was a first time to interview a non-Japanese!
In a cafe in Shibuya, my friend and I finally shook ourselves and talked to the man sitting alone. He looked surprised been spoken by such strangers but accepted the interview with a smile and told his opinion frankly but kindly. He was a man from Africa living in Japan for 18 years. (So long!!)

I prepared some questions before, but by talking with him, he pointed out many interesting points about cultural differences between Japan and other countries that I didn't notice living in Japan.
Firstly, he said that it's only Japan that has so many nude photos all over the city!! It definitely affects children badly.
Secondly, he said that it's only Japan that has old "self-defense" law. In Japan, people cannot attack people before they have been attacked. That's not fair, because if someone kills you, you never can do anything back to him. In America or other countries, people are allowed to have guns to defend themselves, but not in Japan. He said the Japanese law is very old and it should be changed.
Listening to his opinion, I thought that this represents one of the characeristics of Japanese people. For example, talking about "stalking problem", I often hear some news of incedents that have never occured if police defended the victims from assailant before something happen. I can say same thing about "Child abuse problem". Japanese people tend to postpone problems until bad thing really happens.

Well, I also tend to postpone my homeworks untill the day before the deadline..........!!!!

Anyway, it was a very precious experience to interview him. I enjoy communicating with him and it made me more familiar to the black people. I really want to thank him!! But after the interview, I noticed I forgot to ask his name........!!!
shock, shock, shock.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Since I'm playing a band, our band has made some original songs. The guitarist makes the melody and I write the lyrics.
At the recent post, I wrote about diversity about music, from the side of "player", but I realized that "listener" is also full in diversity!! Even if listeners listen to the same song, they all listen the song in different ways. One may like the melody, one may like the guitar, one may like the lyrics, or one may hate the whole song.
As no player plays the same music as others, no listener listens the music in same way as others.

And lastly, don't forget my live in Koenji next Sunday. is my address, and I'll write you back as soon as I can!!

Friday, November 04, 2005


Music is one of the wonderful ways to appeal people's diversity. Each people produces different kinds of melodies, lyrics, songs. And even playing a same songs, they sound different if played by different people.
Noone can play the same music as others.

By the way, I'll have a live next Sunday and sing in my band. It will be held in "Penguin House" in Koenji. It will start at one o'clock in noon. If you have time, please come and listen to us.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Do you know the Japanese famous charachter in sanrio, "kerokerokeroppi"??
←Can you believe that this is him?????
I was shocked.

By the way, recently, I'm wondering about the english word, "shocked". For me, this word includes some negative meanings. But when I was exchanging e-mail with an American friend, I felt that in English, this word does not mean something negative.

For example, if I hear a sentence, "I was shocked to hear the news.", I definitely think that "the news" is a very bad news. But maybe for English native speaker, it doesn't always mean bad.

There is a word "bikkurisuru"(びっくりする) in Japanese. Is this word identical with "shocked"??  However, we don't really use "bikkuri" in the case of hearing that my own dog has died, but instead, we use "shock".  
In the dictionary, it says that the identical word in Japanese is "shougekiteki(衝撃的)". Well, I think it is, but usually "shougekiteki" is used when we face a negative news, isn't it?

I sometimes meet such kind of words, and each time, I suppose that interpreter is a very tough job.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Hi, my name is Sakuya. This is my first time to write a blog in English.
This template reminds me a national flag of Vietnam.

First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sakuya, I'm 20 years old. I'm studying international communication in the university.
I really like MUSIC. I belong to a circle of jazz, and really enjoying to sing in a band. And also I love to see many types of concerts. My favorite band is called "The Miceteeth". Their sound makes me very very happy.
I have more hobbies. I really like watching movies. I watch many kind of movies, and especially I like movies using some animations.
Today I saw a cartoon, which title is "balablock". Its story is like, members with similar shape are grouping together and start to fight against the member with other shapes. Finally, the war was over, and what is left over? ----It's only one type of shape. This cartoon is made very cute but it striked my heart directly. These cartoons involve many messages, and represents that everyone can act like this.